"The sudden anguish of missing what is no longer there is like suddenly coming upon a jar which has fallen and broken into fragments. Alone you collect the pieces, discover how to fit them together and then carefully stick them to one another, one by one. Eventually the jar is reassembled but it is not the same as it was before. It has become both flawed, and more precious. Something comparable happens to the image of a loved place or a loved person when kept in the memory after separation."
-John Berger
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I had such an amazing time last night. La Dispute and Touché Amore never disappoint


Balance & Composure Play Electrifying San Francisco Performance

Check out our gallery here (more photos to be added).

It just dawned in me that I’m going to be 24 in a month and have accomplished absolutely nothing in life.

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Not perfect, but I like how it turned out. Photo credit: Jan Rillich.


*sleeps all day yet is tired 24/7*

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Just finished these 4 color - 18x24 (on French’s Starch Rain Blue paper) posters for the good dudes in La Dispute. These will be on sale at their LA show on the 25th at the El Rey. If you can’t snag one there - drop me a line - I’ll have a few leftover. #ladispute #screenprinting #gigposter

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la dispute was fucking hype

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The only thing better than seeing La Dispute is seeing La Dispute and Touché Amore singing splits together.

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La Dispute. (at Scala)

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Guys I met Jon Simmons and he’s so sweet