"The sudden anguish of missing what is no longer there is like suddenly coming upon a jar which has fallen and broken into fragments. Alone you collect the pieces, discover how to fit them together and then carefully stick them to one another, one by one. Eventually the jar is reassembled but it is not the same as it was before. It has become both flawed, and more precious. Something comparable happens to the image of a loved place or a loved person when kept in the memory after separation."
-John Berger


La Dispute at The Varsity Theatre

fuck-yeah-la-dispute replied to your post: So, I have an extra copy of this that …

i would!!!!!!!! love!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit!!!!!!

Unfortunately you’re excluded, conflict of interest obviously.

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Absolutely one of my most favorite albums everLove it so much.

I still love this record just as much as I did when it first came out.

I tried looking, but couldn’t find anything either. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

Joyce Manor - Schley
Joyce Manor


Like old friends, 
Who never asked, 
"How can you be happy when you wear all black?"

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So, I have an extra copy of this that has been collecting dust since I got it in the mail pretty much. I definitely don’t need two copies, so if I were to do a giveaway thing, would anyone be interested? 


i only go on the internet like once a day for approx 24 hours

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Some real fast self portraits trying unsuccessfully to smile, something I’ve never had to draw before. 

In the past, I’ve found that a lot of my inspiration comes from depression/anxiety. The best songs are the sad ones, the best movies are the ones that bum me out, the best comics are the ones that make me think. I’ve always had this strange relationship where channeling sadness into creativity can create happiness, or at the very least, satiety. At times, I’ve even allowed spells of depression to come on or worsen in an effort to produce more emotion-based work (NOT recommended). However, I’m in a strange place recently where I don’t have any of those negative feelings to channel, and in a way it makes me concerned for my own creativity.

I am not uninspired, those who follow me on instagram will notice I’ve been drawing a lot more than usual and have been trying some new things, trying to constantly improve and maintain some kind of routine creative exercise. However, I have been missing the feeling of needing an outlet, and recent work has been simply fun or technical practice.

The above sketches were a way to test out some new photoshop brushes with some very rough pencil sketches I scanned in, but also a tongue-in-cheek way for me to acknowledge that it might be a good idea to get used to drawing self portraits with a stupid smile on for a while, and to acknowledge my past tendency to rely on sadness for artistic inspiration is not a healthy/smart thing to do. So heres hoping I can figure out how to draw smiling characters, write some decent jokes, and come up with new ways to visually and audibly portray my thoughts. 


After some awesome music with balanceandcomposure & welcometoseahaven & Creepoid and losing my lens hood in the crazy mosh pit and thinking about waking up in 3 hours to shoot another thing, I am just too hyped up to sleep.

Decided to go through the pictures. Embrace extreme light and all the grains. 

I am so moved when everyone sings together. 

@ Red 7, Austin


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